Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Being Set Apart


Well, I'm set apart!  Last night at 7:00 my family met with my stake President and Bishop.  We talked about D&C 4 and I got a lot of insight on missionary work.  And I already had the section memorized!  It was cool to see the new things I never thought about.  I think it's cool how there are people being prepared for me in Tahiti right now, and God is planning for how to put them in my path right now.

After we talked about D&C 4, everyone took turns telling me what they wanted to tell me from bearing testimonies to telling me they love me.  So sweet!  The I got set apart.  I got an awesome blessing wiping away fears and putting in great hopes for my mission.  It's official, guys!  I'm a missionary!

We got a picture afterwards with everyone smiling through tears.

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