Tuesday, November 10, 2015

"It's a completely new MTC experience from the last six weeks."

Iaorana! Ua here au ia MTC! E Haapi'i mai au roa e Te nehenehe nei au pure e nehenehe au faaite i te iteraa pau. Ua horo'a Te Atua ia vau i te horo'a no mau reo.

This week has gone by pretty slowly. It was full of exploding brains trying to understand Tahitian, saying goodbye to people, and getting ready to go to Tahiti. We started learning Tahitian Wednesday, and I'm telling you, it's hard. I'm going to have to rely on God to give me the gift of tongues because I can't figure it out. It's really cool, though. We taught our first Tahitian investigator on day two of Tahitian. Elder Edmunds and I walked to the door, were about to knock, then realized we didn't know how to introduce ourselves. We just winged that one. It was a good thing the name of the Church is on the Book of Mormon. After we introduced ourselves, she started talking. We had NO IDEA what she said! We just sat there for a minute (or maybe five) and then I just said "Eaha?". She explained again and we still had no idea what she said, but when Elder Edmunds said some choppy words, she let us in. the rest of the lesson was full of silent pauses as we tried to figure out what she said. It feels like you're trying to make a machine work. If you push the right sequence of buttons, the machine moves, and you're stuck trying to find out the next sequence of buttons. We've gotten better, though, as we've been teaching more and more.

We've gotten snow. I can't decide if I like it or not. It's pretty wimpy, though, I'll tell you that. It can't decide if it wants to be snow or rain. The moisture is good-I've gotten SUPER chapped, and I'm just waiting for Tahiti to solve that problem. It's so fun to see how the Vanuatuan sisters react to that. Oh yeah, we got three new sisters, and gain another today. We had to move to a bigger classroom because there are so many of us. It's really fun getting to know knew people and a new language. It's a completely new MTC experience from the last six weeks.

I guess not a lot is happening other than that besides the fact that everyone we've gotten to know is leaving. And we would've left with them. It's all good, though. People are going where the Lord wants them. And soon I'll be there, too.

Highlight of the week: A Brazilian Elder came up to me and asked if I was Brazilian! Oh yeah!! 

Low point of the week. Some of us decided to fast yesterday and we'd break it this morning with a temple breakfast. And what do you know? The one day in the seven weeks I've been here We get catered. Chick Fil-A catered for dinner. elder Edmunds had just broken his fast right before, so I was stuck sitting between my district watching them eat real food. Well, not really REAL food, but ten times more real than the food here. But hey, I got more blessings than them, so it's okay.

Alright, I guess not much more has happened here, so this will be a short letter. But the church is true, God loves us, we can find answers to all our questions through prayers.
Ua ite au e ua here Te Atua ia tatou. Te pahona ona ia to'tatou mau pure. E parau mau i te Buka a Moromona. Ua ite au e ua rave o Iesu Mesia fara'ehara. Ua tatou tamari'i no Te Atua. E haere atu vau i Tahiti ia faaite i te evanelia no Iesu Mesia no mau taata. Ua hinaaro mau taata i te evanelia e e horo'a vau ia ratou. Ua here au i te misione e i te evanelia. Ua parau mau i te ekalesia!

Elder Lewis

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