Monday, February 15, 2016

Just a few sunset pics, and Elder Maltelour

Things are going the same as usual here. Not a whole lot of exciting things this week. a lot of work with inactives. It's weird. We found a few inactives to teach. Starting a lesson, they offer to say the prayer, they talk about their testimony, they participate. I think that the inactives here are members with testimonies, but they make one mistake and everybody makes a big deal about it so they completely fall away. It's sad. We would be able to start another branch by activating all the members in our branch. It's really cool to see them progress, though. Having someone ask for a white shirt so he could come to Church, having someone counting down the weeks until he can take the sacrament again.

I gave my first haircut today. Nobody has made a comment yet on how bad it is, so I guess it could be worse. But sorry anyway, Elder Terry.

Interesting story of the week: We were eating dinner with members/investigators and the conversation carried on to weird things we've eaten on the mission so far. One of them started talking about how he stole the dog of his neighbor (the person at whose house we were eating), cooked it, and sold it with rice for ten bucks a plate. Depending on the size of the dog, they sell between fifty and a hundred plates. Wow. Who needs another job when you can make a thousand bucks off of a random dog in the road?

Sorry that the letter isn't that good this week. Hopefully next week will be more eventful. Things are good, the work progresses. I know that Jesus Christ sacrified his life for us. I know we can always turn to Him. I love Alma 7. It talks about all the things that the Atonement covers. Read it. I hope everyone turns to Christ when they have any sort of problem. I know  that Joseph Smith is a prophet of God and that he saw Heavenly Father and His son Jesus.

Have a good week everyone! Faaitoito!

Elder Lewis

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