Monday, April 11, 2016

"I don't think I ever saw so much joy on his face as when he discovered PB&J for the first time."


I'm not sure why, but again this week wasn't like what the work normally is in Takaroa. We went from having twenty five lessons a week to a mere ten or twelve. That's okay, though, because a bunch of our investigators just came back from Tahiti. Do you want the results of the tournament? We took eighth place overall for futsal. Not bad. Anyway, Uira came back so we will be able to start talking about baptism. A few others that we haven't seen for a few weeks also came back, so there will be more news (hopefully) about them. 

Joie* got married this week! That was one of the only problems holding her back from baptism really, but we've found out there are a few other problems, like she suddenly doesn't have a testimony in the Book of Mormon (she's still taking the lessons though). She did say that if her husband repents (inactive) she'll get baptized. There are always a few things to straighten up.

I just remembered a story from last week.In between sessions of General Conference, we were eating sandwiches with a member. Elder Terry and I had PB&J. The member asked if he could try ours. He thought it was amazing! He kept opening up the sandwich to check what was inside. "C'est que skippy et confitures! Magnifique!" Yes, it is. I don't think I ever saw so much joy on his face when he discovered PB&J for the first time. He ended up eating most of Elder Terry's sandwich.

Something my companion and I have found out is how Satan attacks these days. I'm not sure if I've mentioned this yet, but I'mm put it in anyway. He says things like "Religion doesn't matter. as long as Christ is in your heart, you'll be saved." We've seen that a lot, and it's not true. There is one way, and that is Jesus Christ and baptism.

Anyway, I have to go know, I've run out of time. Sorry for the lame short letter, it will be better next time.

Elder Lewis

I understand what people say to me, but I often don't quite process what language it's in. So I respond, maybe in French, maybe in English. Also, I cannot speak a sentence in just one language. I often try to tell my companion something but I can't because three words in, I use a french word, then go in french for a few more words and it switches back. Any time I use a word like "et" or "avec" or something like that I switch into French. I also can't say words like "response" or "answer", it just comes out "reponse." It's tough sometimes. 

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