Monday, September 26, 2016


Alright, We've finally started to get the work moving over here. There hasn't been much to report for the past few weeks, but I suppose fixing three baptisms is worth telling you about.

Sam- a nine year old kid who loves the missionaries (surout their bikes and helmets). He comes from a family where his parents used to be LDS. The last time the family came to church was five years ago to give their baby a blessing. He's getting baptised the fifteenth of Octobre.

Turumai*- he's been taking lessons for a while, but it's always hard to find him each time for a lesson. He's a young dad and his girlfriend wants to follow him. She hasn't started the lessons yet, but when she does, she'll get baptised too. The baptism is set for the 22 Octobre. He struggles with praying, reading the scriptures, going to church, etc, but we're working on that, and he should be ready by then.

Lucas*-20 years old, has taken the lessons already. I had actually tried to teach him but never actually met him until now. We were going to visit a mami, but he was there instead and invited us over. We just talked with him  and he revealed everything. He's really spiritual and he wanted to be baptised. He told us that we would fix the date the next day for his baptism, but in talking right there, we ended up fixing it for the 22 also. He's already been chased from home by his mother for wanting to get baptised, and he has nothing holding him back. Awesome!

There is also a family that we taught more than a month ago that was really potential, but it was always really hard to get the second lesson in. Well, we got that second lesson in yesterday, Plan of Salvation, and it was really good. This time it was just with Jeremie, but last time Manihi, his wife, was there too (I'm pretty sure I've talked about them already in a previous letter). They're really sincere, and they are definitely starting to believe. Hopefully the next lesson we'll be able to get them to commit. That will be the two parents and their two children. One of the children already reads the BoM all the time, it's great!

Still doing a lot of contacting, our amis don't like to stay amis very long. We've contacted quite a few this week, so I'll just tell you if anything interesting happens with them.

Okay, I have to go now, not much time. I know God lives, I know he loves us all. I know that each soul has great worth to God, and I know that I'm doing the Lord's work. Love you all!

Elder Lewis

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