Monday, April 24, 2017

Catching Up

I didn't write a letter last week so I'll try to update on that. Last Wednesday was the marriage of Ari'i and Kalea. On saturday he got baptized. It was cool because he bore testimony after his baptism telling about a story of our bishop healing his very sick baby many years ago. That blessing was his first step towards Eternal Life. That just shows that all the little acts of service that we do can really help people to come unto Christ. They might not be ready right away, but they might accept the gospel later in their life.

That was the highlight of last week, and actually there weren't a whole lot of cool experiences a part from that.  David and Paul are starting to progress more. We talked about prophets and they are starting to believe more. Paul is pretty excited to tell us about church facts that he found out from his girlfriend who is mormon. He was the one that reminded me that the church was restored on the sixth. He was supposed to come to church, too, but his dad passed away that weekend, and he couldn't come. Hopefully next week. 

This week we found a couple of potential investigators. There is a couple, Rua* and Stephanie* who were old investigators. We restarted lessons with them and invited them to come to church. They came, and it seems like they're ready this time. There aren't a whole lot of things that block (except for marriage) so we'll keep working with them. 

We also had an ami who hasn't had any desire to take lessons seriously suddenly show up at church this sunday. We had already invited him and he said no because he already had his church. And then he showed up! And then he made it to a stake soirée for investigators. Maybe there is potential after all...

Also, the highlight of this week was the baptism of Kolinaisi* and Ku*, the two kids. It was all right, except I guess they don't really understand completely the sacredness of it all. During one of the short talks at the beginning, Kolinaisi disappeared, and no one knew where he went. Thankfully he showed up in time for the baptism. Also, after the baptism, people took some pictures of the two kids in the water with the man who baptised them, but they weren't really focused on the pictures, just the fact that there was a little swimming pool in the church, so they played in that for a little bit. Oh, well. They will understand as they get older, they still have a long way to go. And now they are members of the restored church of Jesus Christ.

Okay, I don't have much more time, but those are the highlights of the week. Have a good week everyone! à la prochaine!

Orometua Lewis

(Photos from a recent Zone Conference)

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