Wednesday, October 7, 2015

"I still have things to work on, but I'm becoming better each day."

Iaorana! Hu churu?

We've progressed a ton this week! We finished teaching our first investigator, and now our two teachers are pretending to be people from their missions that we will be teaching. We had our first lesson yesterday. Before I went in, Elder Roylance noticed I was wearing my magnetic name tag (I couldn't find my other one. He pulled it down to the bottom of my pocket, and I forgot to fix it. In the lesson, Sophie (Soeur Vance(our teacher)) noticed that we had "Jesus Christ" on our name tags. I looked down and notice my tag was tilted and at the bottom of my pocket. Sophie burst out laughing and the rest of the lesson just went downhill.

I am learning a bunch of French. A lot of it is relearning what I learned in school, but I'm also learning new stuff. We got surprised by having a teacher who served her mission in Tahiti teach us for half an hour. Also, there is a Tahitian elder, Elder Marae, who comes into our room each night and talks to us. He tells us about Tahiti, the culture, and teaches us some words in Tahitian. The other night I had him list a bunch of useful words. He wrote down words like sister, woman, this is a pretty lady, i love you, marriage, stuff like that. He also taught me and Elder Edmunds how to pray in Tahitian. He was pretty excited to write down and entire prayer for Edmunds to say in class. He did, and no one noticed he was reading off of a paper. Soeur Vance was pretty impressed.

General Conference was amazing! I learned a ton. I definitely paid more attention this time than any other time. Elder Holland's talk stuck out to me a bunch along with Ballard's and Hales's although there were a lot of good ones.

For the past week, after Elder Costa talked to us for our Sunday Devotional, we were talking about how he could be the next apostle. It ended as kind of a bet, where whoever lost had to drink a glass of orange juice. Let me tell you... don't drink the orange juice. Elder Edmunds was the only one to think he wouldn't be an apostle, sooo....yeah, that was way fun.

I showed my district games like Johnny Whoop and Who's dead. It's awesome when they can't figure it out. That's pretty much my pastime in between eating and studying.

Anyway, throughout the week I've become a way better missionary. I still have things to work on, but I'm becoming better each day. I'll try to send pictures next week and have more details. I'm getting along great with my companion, no problems, and my district is super close. The mission life is great!

O Orometua Lewis

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  1. Iaorana! I loved Tahiti! Love the island people. Their child-like faith and clear singing voices are soul-quenching. Funny how Temple sessions just sort of waited until there were enough people to start; and they have benches rather than chairs.
    Never tried the fafaru, but loved sushimi and mahimahi grilled on the side of the road at a rollotte with fries. Also loved fresh coconut water.