Monday, December 14, 2015

"I was glad to have been an answer to her prayers."

This week we started a new investigator, Teremu*. He's old and only speaks Tahitian. So, my first lessons in Tahitian were this week. We had a translator for us, so it wasn't too hard. He's protestant and has some crazy beliefs about our church and basically everything. His idea of prophets is: warriors with spears who kill people who are disobedient. We're not sure if he really understands what we teach, but he's awesome.

We had a father and sons activity. It started 45 minutes after it was supposed to because no one showed up, but it was really fun. There were activities like: Having a father and son sit up front and someone holds a paper above their head with a word. Through hints from the rest, they try to guess the word. Tie tying contests. A game where the dads are blindfolded and go through the sons seated in a row, only feeling their heads, and trying to find their son. I did this one. It was funny as Elder Millerberg feels the head of a kid a few seats down, and goes "Voila!" We never did activities like this back home, and it shows that using no money, you can have a blast. And we did. Everyone loved it.

God worked a few miracles this week. We got a lesson canceled, so we went to visit Jordan*, an investigator I haven't met yet. We set up a lesson with him, and as we were leaving, I felt like I shuold go down the street where a few kids were playing. Elder Millerberg had the same impression, because he stopped going towards the car and suggested we go that way. There was a house that belinged to an inactive family. We asked one of the kids if the parents were home, and he brought out his mom. We started talking to her, and she explained that she was inactive. She also said that that morning she had prayed, asking God to bring her good people that will motivate her and her family. Then we showed up. It was a super cool experience. I'm glad to have been an answer to her prayers, and I'm glad God lead us there. I'm also glad to help this entire family become more active.

Later that day, we taught Etienne*, a smart politician, also my first time teaching him. His big problem was with faith. I pulled out a scripture that I've really come to love- Alma 32:27 It fit his situation perfectly. He decided to keep reading the next few verses, and I explained that any time he feels something good, it comes from God. He talked about how he had goosebumps, and we explained that that was what we were talking about. It was awesome how that scripture was fulfilled right then and there.

We had some steak for dinner one night. It was the most raw steak I've ever eaten, with less than a millimeter of brown meat on the outside. Delicious though. Oh, speaking of food, I remembered my other thought that I forgot  last week. Fish is WAY better raw, here. They just don't make good fish cooked. So if anyone ever comes here, make sure you go raw over cooked.

We did lose an investigator, Marc*, this week. He loves us coming over, but hasn't stopped smoking, and that's the only thing holding him back. We talked about eternal life, and he said he wanted it. I asked if he would give up smoking to have it. He said no. So close.

At another faatamaaraa, there were these two seven year old girls and an eight year old boy who were adorable! They did most of the talking. At one point they were naming all the planets, and one girl said "Rurutu!" Close, but not quite. The girls also showed me their secret handshake, so I'm in.

Do you want to get a gist of Tahiti? We were contacting in the blazing hot sun. A little down the Island, there were rain clouds and we could hear thunder. How does that even happen?

We had a Christmas party that started an hour and a half after it was supposed to. I have a picture of the food. It was really good, and a lot of investigators showed up. I think they had an entire pig, and maybe two, for the meal. I did have to explain that as a missionary I can't dance with them.

I learned stick shift, and sorry Dad, but Elder Millerberg did a better job than you. I ended up driving on the road (because it's basically just one long road), and it all of a sudden started POURING rain. Pouring. That was a fun experience.

We taught Rava. We talked for a while, then ended because she had to go. But we ended up staying, and the conversation shifted to baptism. I gave her some scriptures on baptism, then drew my little drawing. I asked her what she would do to get into the celestial kingdom, and she said repent. I told her that was good, but not enough, and she (a little grudgingly) said baptism. So I committed her. And she said yes. I asked her if she would prepare for the 26th and she agreed. Immediately after the lesson, Liline from outside said: So when's the baptism?

Rava told her that I chose the 26th, then Liline asked "And are you ready?" Tiarere said that she was. Yes!! After so long working with her, it's finally going to happen!

Well, that's about it for this week! It's been full of really cool experiences. The Lord really will answer prayers and he will help you with your problems. Trust in Him and have faith, and you will work miracles. I know that that is true.

Elder Lewis

Some random pictures of our house.

We sleep with fans on us to keep us cool throughout the night. It's our only source of cool air (no A/C)

our coconut tree

Almost all the church buildings are like this: With a courtyard in the middle and all windows and doors always open

We found some eggs, and then a lizard who guarded the eggs for a while

Banana trees off the side of the road

Little bananas on the bottom starting to grow

The owners were going to let it die so we took it in. Just a kitten

A one foot tall wax Santa candle thing

Ward Christmas Party pictures

This picture doesn't do the amount of food justice, but look in comparison with the cups. Here's the math. Normal plate: 7" in diameter, this plate: 10" in diameter. Two 7" circles= slightly less area than one 10" circle. This amount of rice would completely fill a normal sized plate.
The Christmas meal consisted of pasta, rice, more pasta, mashed potatoes, chicken, and pork. That's a Tahitian meal for ya

Rava wanted a picture at the Ward Christmas Party

Here's a good close up

Us with Luc at the Christmas party

Some cool sunset pics

Some fruit

Some weird things we found at the store

I'm rich!!!

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