Monday, January 25, 2016

Progress is Good

This week was awesome! We had eighteen lessons this week, set up two baptisms, it was really good.

Right now Tehina is really close- he's down to one or two cigarettes a day. He doesn't want to rush things or commit himself to anything, so he's getting there very slowly.

Ahio has progressed a lot. The past lessons weren't super great, but I think it clicked when we talked  about temple ordinances and blessings. His wife is a member, and they've talked about a lot stuff, but he's still been hesitant. During this lesson on  temples, he sat forward really trying to understand. At the end we gave him a baptismal date and had him pray about it. He still wants to know everything before he's baptized, but the next lesson he agreed to the date.  February 27.   Pretty far off, but it gives him time to prepare. At the end of that lesson he gave the prayer. It was probably the most sincere prayer that I've heard an investigator give. Yeah, he's ready.

We also taught the Family Fangatau*. Jacques*, who's inactive, and Beatrice, the investigator. We taught the restoration, and gave her the same date for baptism, which she accepted. Then her husband said that he wanted to baptize her. Yes! Also, at the beginning of the lesson, we asked him to choose someone for the prayer. He thought we asked him to say it, and sId it had been a long tim and he wasn't ready yet, but by the end of the lesson he offered to say the prayer. 

We taught Robert* with DMP (Ward Mission Leader). during the lesson, DMP shared a scripture about the stick of Juda and the stick of Ephraim.  He said that the stick of Ephraim is the Book of Mormon, and this was Robert's reaction: What!? Really!? Now that there's proof, I believe.
Okay, if that's all it takes, I'll go for it.

Something fun: we were at DMP's house. There are always neighborhood kids that hang out there. At one point I picked up some petanque balls and started juggling, and Elder Millerberg started talking about lacrosse, and pretty soon we had fifteen neighborhood kids close around us asking us questions, some religious, some not. Missionary work at its finest! Also, teaching a thirteen year old kid, another small group of kids gathered around. Being kids, they weren't super interested in the lesson, but they had seen us playing soccer last week, so they came.

At church yesterday, we had six investigators show up. We taught a class on prayer, and the spirit was strong. You could see them writing notes and listening intently. Super cool. Sad thing I'm not going to be around for long.

Speaking of that, I'm getting transfered. we were expecting my companion to leave, but nope, it's me. I'm leaving tomorrow morning. I'm going to Takaroa. From what I've heard, there are 400 people, 80% of which are members. It's a northern Tuamotus island.

Well, faaitoito everyone. Next transfer's going to be fun. God lives and works miracles according to our faith. He wants to talk to us and help us, but he can't if we don't reach out to him. I'm super grateful to be a part of this missionary work. I couldn't be anywhere else and be happy right now. 

Elder Lewis

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