Monday, May 23, 2016

God's On Our Side

This last Pday we went on a two hour bike ride au secteur to see the boat. That was pretty fun. Basically the only reason people would come to Takaroa is to see the boat. Pretty fun. Bien cramé, though. 

We ate some strange foods this week. One family gave us some "mystery meat" and told us that they would tell us what it is after we finished it. It had a texture a little bit like ground beef. It ended up being fried turtle blood. Just make sure that if you ever it that, you put salt on it. We also had coco crab and 'ipo, and Manioca, all very Tahitian foods. I can't say they were all excellent, but they weren't bad.

As for more spiritual stuff, it wasn't a super exciting week. Some people are progressing a little, some not so much. The situation with Mahana: Her mother doesn't accept her baptism and is discouraging it. Things are going tough with that. It makes it harder with her, and Taaveti, her brother, who is also close with baptism. On the other hand, Maake, Mahana's husband, is getting the priesthood this Sunday, fully ready to baptise her when the time comes for that.

It was really fun to sing I am a Child of God (in English) this Sunday. This week has been Semaine de la Famille, with activites three times a day throughout the week centered on families. To end it, we had a soirée at the chapelle and they had the missionaries sing. They're taking advantage of us. At a wedding, ward activity, whatever the event may be they have the missionaries come sing. I promise my voice isn't that good, but the Tahitians must get a kick out of it.

  In studies this week I came across a scripture that I always love. Alma 26:12

"Oui, je sais que je ne suis rien; pour ce qui est de ma force, je suis faible. C'est pourquoi je ne me vanterai pas de moi-même, mais je me vanterai de mon Dieu, car, avec sa force, je peux tout faire; oui, voici, nous avnons accompli, dans ce pays, beaucoup de grands miracles pour lesquels nous louerons son nom à jamais."

It's so true that without God we are nothing. We can't accomplish anything without him at our sides. It just won't work. But, as long as we worship Him, remember Him, and ask for his help, he will be there for us and we can accomplish everything that he needs us to do. I'm so grateful that God is there for me and that I'm never alone in this life. He's there, ready to pour blessings on our heads. That's a blessing in and of itself.

Have a good week everyone, and keep God close! Never leave Him.

Elder Lewis

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