Monday, May 16, 2016

The Power of the Gospel: Just hearing it makes you want to be a better person

Iaorana tatou!

This week was actually really...not good. We had seven amis lessons, and four were with the same person. Just a little weird. It was probably that bad because there was a lot of rain this week, and Tahitians think that everything is cancelled with the first drops of rain. Oh, well, better luck next week.

This week we had a soiree familiale chez an "ami". He doesn't want lessons, just soirees where HE teaches, no one else. Last time there was a lot of false doctrine going around. Anyway, we taught the lesson. We talked about prophets, basically the first lesson, and we used a bunch of scriptures from the bible to back us up (the ami doesn't like to use the BoM). Really cool to see the truth come out. Even the Bible agrees that this is the true church.

Some good news avec Beau*. Apparently he's been drinking and smoking less, just on his own. That's a big change because those are the things he like most in life, basically the only thing holding him back from being baptised. So without us specifically engaging him to stop, his just started on his own. I think that's really the power of the gospel. Even just hearing it makes you want to act and be a better person. I hope that's how we all feel all the time. The gospel changes lives!

All is good again with Aimee. Last time, she said she would keep her religion. This time we talked about baptism. Yeah, she didn't even have to bring it up herself! It went well, and it seemed like that last lesson didn't happen. She also mentioned something about her husband being content avec her for quelque chose. She's starting to progress again! Also, she's related to the thief that stole from us and she's helping us get our stuff back. She noticed how he recently gained a bunch of money. Yeah, that'd be from me.

It looks like Mahana's baptism will be pushed back a week or two, but we're not sure yet. Keep her in your prayers. We're hoping it will all work out all right.

That's all the news for this week, sorry, not much. Hopefully more will happen next week.

Bonne semaine! 

Elder Lewis

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