Monday, June 6, 2016

It's Only Through Christ That We Can Be Saved

Iaorana tatou!

The work is still struggling here a bit but it's not entirely bad.  We've spent a lot of time finding people true desires- to stop smoking, to get baptised, etc. Sadly, there are some that openly will say that they want to be better, that they want to change, but inside they don't really want that. We have seen some good progress though!

Things are going better with Beau. We've talked a lot about prayer and persevering in the gospel and the blessings we can recieve. We've been trying to get him to pray, and we finally did! Each time he says that he's not ready, but he'll try to do it on his own. Then he did it! He warned us that it wouldn't be long, but he'd try. than he gave a short but pretty meaningful prayer. After, he admitted that he had been thinking all day about what he would say. haha dedication right there!  

At church this week we had some unexpected investigators. We had six show up, probably the most I've seen at Takaroa, and five were ones that never come. Aimee, her grandson, Anne (Moeava's sister, we still haven't managed to start lessons with her though), Mahana. Let's hope these experiences will strengthen their desires to get baptised.

Honestly, not many other exciting things have happened this week, we're just continuing the work.  The weather's cooling down, July fetes are going to start in the next few weeks, and around then the island will come alive. 

Sorry there's not much  this week, maybe next time. Have a good week everybody. Remember that the church is true and that it's only through Christ that we can be saved.

Elder Lewis

They cut a bunch of trees down to put in houses, so we took the chance to get coeur de cocotier. It's pretty good in salads

And we drank coco 
And ate some

Made some onion rings and burgers (if you can really call it that)

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