Monday, June 13, 2016

No E-mail

There's no big email from Elder Lewis this week but I thought I'd fill in the gap by posting a few things he sent to his mother.

In regards to getting sand in his shoes:  Everyday, multiple times. And it's annoying with my sandals because they are ridged on the edges, so sand can't just fall through the cracks. I have to turn my shoe upside down. Fiu!

His favorite Tahitian food:  Probably sashimi. I guess that's not actually Tahitian food, but they eat it all the time. Maybe poulet citron? breaded chicken with a lemon sauce and rice. Anything with fish is good too.

His favorite missionary teaching experience:  I can't really think of a certain one from all my mission, I'll have to think about that one. But there have been a few times where my companion and I have shared testimonies using personal experiences and the spirit comes in strong, then we testify of God's love for that person and you can see them gain understanding and knowledge, remembering things they knew at one point before they were born. That's really cool to see.

In regards to coconut water:  With the coco water, it's disgusting at first, but you just gotta keep drinking it. At one point, it will become the most delicious taste!  After like twenty, thirty times, it suddenly tastes amazing. Yeah, I hit that point a few months ago. I just couldn't drink it at first.

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