Monday, July 4, 2016

Not Bad, Eh?

Yeah, this week was a little crazy, like last week. We only had one day where we were able to do our studies in the morning. We often ride bikes for thirty minutes to go to one lesson, then go back thirty minutes the other way for our next lesson. Lots of rain, too, which doesn't help. But either way, the Lord is with us, and we have success.

On tuesday we went to another baptism. This time it was James* baptising. I don't know if I've written a whole lot about James, but he's a former inactif that we taught when I first came here. It's cool to see him baptising his son now!

Also on Tuesday we started teaching Ahomana*. Last week he got a blessing, and this week we started teaching him. We've taught him almost every day this week and we're there for about two hours each time. He's catholic, although not very active. Each lesson he goes on for a long time, talking about all the things that God has done to help him in his life. He definitely has faith in God. We've taught him the first three lessons now, and we gave him the LdM and some brochures. He read the brochures and started the LdM. As we teach, he's sincerely seeking to learn and accepts everything we teach. I honestly can't tell about everything with him, but I'll try to give some highlights.

When we gave him the LdM, he held it in his hands, and said that he could tell that this book is sacred.

He talked about his desire to go the the Celestial Kingdom, and doesn't want to go to any others.

He calls us "Les anges du Seigneur".

He talks about how god gives him whatever he asks for- outrigger canoe, motorcycle, winning vaa races, stuff like that. He said it took like nine years for the vaa, but he got it in the end. haha!

Since the baptism, James has been feeding us more. He brought up that he would get a goat, and when we said that we had never eaten goat, he invited us over to eat it. Then he found out that I hadn't eaten fafaru before, so he invited us over again for Fafaru and breadfruit. If you don't know what Fafaru is, you ferment fish in sea water basically. It does NOT smell good, but it doesn't taste that bad.

Things are going well with Aimee. We talked about fasting and invited her to fast this Sunday. She agreed. She said that she's been bringing up baptism to her husband every once in a while. She really wants to get baptized. so we fasted for her and her husband. We're hoping that her husband's heart will start to soften and we can help her get baptized. It's a good thing we wouldn't let her stop lessons with us!

That's actually the same situation with Louis. He's trying to talk more and more to his wife, trying to get her to accept his baptism. Man, if it weren't for family, we'd have four baptisms before the week is over!

Saturday was probably the most successful day on my mission. We had eight lessons planned throughout the day, and came home that night having done nine lessons. Rarely, if ever, have I had every lesson I had planned. Not bad, eh? 

We also finally got our first lesson in with the sister of Moeava-Anne. It was actually in our class for PME. Moeava normally comes to that, but she didn't come that day. Someone went to get her and came back with her and Anne. Sweet! We've been trying to start lessons with her for the past month maybe, everyday going to her house, but having no success (she's pretty shy, and generally won't come out of her house). And the one time that we don't try to do a lesson with her, she shows up. So we taught two investigators how to be a missionary. We're also hoping that when both Anne and Moeava try to get baptized, the father will soften his heart and let them both get baptized. 

This week has been long, eventful, exhausting, and rewarding. We're getting really close with a lot of baptisms, just not quite there. I think with a little more time, Takaroa will explode with baptisms. Hopefully I'll still be here for that!

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