Sunday, July 24, 2016

You Reap What You Sow

This week was a weird one. Some days we had no success, some days we had a ton. There were only three days of the week where we had a lesson, yet we pulled off fourteen lessons by the end. Is that normal?

Tuesday, we just had our average lessons, nothing too exciting. We taught a good lesson with Tita. He hasn't done anything to change since I've gotten here, but we're motivating him enough to start trying to stop smoking. We talked to President Bize before he left on Tuesday. Apparently no body has ever gotten as many baptisms as we're getting on Takaroa before. Not bad. He also wants us to baptize Louis's kids before next week, so that will add two or three baptisms to the total. Also on Tuesday, we taught a lesson with an Amie and her son who came here for vacation from France. He took the lessons there, too. In the lesson, we couldn't stay on topic, he kept asking us these questions that I've never heard come out of a Tahitian before. Definitely Farani. I wonder if that was how a normal mission is, with investigators asking complicated questions. Here, the hardest question to answer is "Are we allowed to smoke while we're fasting?" or "'Who's the brother of Jesus?" I don't know why, but everyone likes to ask that second one.

The next few days we had no lessons, so we just contacted (or I should say recontacted) people. We finally got a hold of some really potential amis, who then rejected us. We've been trying to contact them for like a month now, and...nothing. That was disappointing. We also contacted the Catholic neighborhood en haut and saw their big shrine for the statue of Mary. That was pretty cool, even if those catholics did chase us out of there.

I don't know if I've mentioned this already, but Nunui is moving his marriage to Tahiti. I'm probably going to be transferred right before that, so maybe I'll happen to see his marriage, but it looks like I'm not going to be there for his baptism. Right now he just needs to gain a strong testimony and commit himself a little bit more, and he's there.

We taught Anne again. Man, it's hard getting a lesson with her. We taught the Plan of Salvation. She doesn't seem to have a really strong desire to be baptized or anything, but she's taking in everything we're saying. Again, the only problem after she gains a testimony is the parents...Lots of prayers for this one haha.

Here's some news with Kiai: Normally she should be baptized today, but due to a miscommunication, it's going to be next week. Don't worry, everything's good with that. She's ready and has a strong testimony. I can't wait for next week!

Other than that, there's not a whole lot of super exciting stuff. Heiva is still going on, we're doing some good missionary work. We've had some success, some let downs, but we pulled through in the end, so it ended up working out.

It's really cool seeing the success. I've been sowing, I've been digging, I've been thrusting in my sickle with all my might on Takaroa for six months, and I'm finally reaping the reward. It's such a blessing always to be able to help people come to Christ and change their lives. If I don't know that this church is true, I know that the fruits are good, and that by following the principles of the Gospel we can find a fullness of joy and peace in this life and an eternal life after this life. I love that I can help people achieve these blessings. E parau mau te Ekalesia!

Elder Lewis

Coprah contest 14 Juillet

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