Monday, August 1, 2016

Good News

Wow, this week went by really fast! Sorry if there's not much to talk about this week. We did a decent amount of lessons and slowly over the past few weeks the work has been doing better and better. Nothing extreme, just gradual. More progressing investigators, more investigators, more baptisms fixed, more baptisms. All the interesting stuff happened on Sunday. I'll start there.

On sunday morning we managed to get Kiai to church. Elder Nelson's bike broke so we couldn't go to the chapelle up there. Apparently a lot happened. We heard about it all afterwards. Apparently TWO baptisms were announced, for Kiai and Tupiti. We had no idea that it was good for Tupiti. I guess something happened and his mom changed her heart (again). No complaints there. All of Louis's family was there, and Louis blessed the sacrament. A returned missionary gave her homecoming talk. We also had twelve investigators show up to sacrament meeting. Combined with the other branche, that's sixteen investigators at church this week. Yeah, I think that's a record! haha.

So we're having a baptism later today for Kiai. I'll send pictures next week. The baptism of Tupiti is this Thursday. Who knows, maybe we'll have a few other random baptisms here before I leave!

Oh yeah, I'm finally leaving TAKAROA. Transfer calls were Friday. I'm leaving for Tautira, in Papeari, the presque ile of Tahiti. It will definitely be weird to be in an area with more than a couple hundred people, most of which are mormon. My new companion is Elder Murdock. Yes, the Elder Murdock whose last sector was TAKAROA. So I already know him, that's pretty cool. Because there is no room on the plane, I'm leaving in two weeks.

That's it for this week. Not much, but it's good. Here's a pensée spirituelle before I go:

D&C 121:20-21

20 Il y a une loi, irrévocablement décrétée dans les cieux avant la fondation de ce monde, sur laquelle reposent toutes les bénédictions;

21 Et lorsque nous obtenons une bénédiction quelconque de Dieu, c'est par l’obéissance à cette loi sur laquelle elle repose

This law is that if we want a blessing, we have to be obedient to a cetain commandment. Then God must bless us. Pretty simple, pretty cool. Think about what blessing you want, and then obey the commandment. I've seen that on my mission, and I know it works. If you read this, try it out. That's a challenge.   

Elder Lewis

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