Monday, August 8, 2016

"I'm in the cool, rainy, green, mountainous part of Tahiti, so that's a big change from Takaroa."


I'm emailing from Tahiti right now. Yeah, the transfers should have happened in a week, but they took me early. 

This week hasn't been super eventful. A lot of the lessons were cancelled, and the ones we had weren't that interesting. We did have two baptisms though. The baptism of Kiai was on Monday. Elder Nelson baptized her. There were a lot of members there to support her, although none of her family showed up. She was confirmed this Sunday. It was supposed to be me that confirms her but I left right before. 

Tupiti was baptized on Thursday. I mentioned last week, but his mom suddenly accepted his baptism so we got everything together and did it. Again Elder Nelson baptized him. I missed his confirmation, too. He was so thankful to be baptized, and his testimony afterwards was powerful. 

Also on Thursday I got a call saying that I would be leaving this Saturday, not next Saturday. The next day I packed up my stuff, Saturday I sent it on the boat for Tahiti, and took the plane in the afternoon. I got on Tahiti at 5:00. No one showed up. I waited for almost four hours and no one was there. It turns out that everyone thought I was supposed to come in a week, so no one knew I was there. That was lots of fun. Finally I was picked up and stayed with the Zone leaders that night, went to church with them on Sunday, and they dropped me off Sunday afternoon. And here I am. 

Quite an adventure. Anyway, my new sector is really big, there are four missionaries taking care of it. They just got finished with a baptizing streak, so I'm coming in right at the end of that. I'm in the cool, rainy, green, mountainous part of Tahiti, so that's a big change from Takaroa. We'll see how it goes!

Okay, gotta go. Sorry this was so short.

Elder Lewis

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