Monday, October 24, 2016


Iaorana tatou!

E mea maitai rii teie hepetoma not te mea, e mea pae hoa i te ekalesia ta maua. Aita tei maua te tauturu no te mau melo, tera ra, e tamata maua ia rave maitai i te 'ohipa a te Fatu.

This week wasn't great missionary work-wise. We only have five or six investigators, not all of which I have yet seen. Contacting is difficult, everyone has already talked to and rejected the missionaries, and also we have the Témoins de Jéhovah coming around right after us to make it a little more difficult. Actually, yesterday we had them stop by our house and ask us if we were interested in talking about the bible. We invited them back tomorrow morning, but I'm not sure they'll come. They said something about it being to early for them, and not being on Sunday.

We went contacting down our own street a few days ago. We had no success until the very last house where we found a mami. We started talking to her, but pretty soon it was just her talking to us. She started talking about a circular house on Moorea that we must visit. So we told her we would try, and then asked her if we could share a message. She said no, because she had food in the oven. So we said we would let her go so her food wouldn't burn, but she started telling the same story about this circular house. And then when she finished, she started it over again. And again. So we told her we needed to go, and she told the story again. And again. And then we finally managed to leave before she told us the story again. Man, contacting is so fun!

We also found an old investigator in our book thing. I don't know how you say that in english, so I'll say it in french. Carnet du secteur. We called the number, and she answered and fairly quickly invited us back. She's taken the lessons for years and has been an eternal investigator. According to what other missionaries have said, she knows without doubt that the church is true, she knows the gospel perfectly, but she won't get married so that she can get baptised. Turns out all that is true. We'll see if now, a year after the last missionaries tried, she's ready to commit herself.

Other than that, we have a nine year old boy whose adopted member parents won't let him take missionary lessons or get baptised because they think his biological parents have to accept, we have a really potential investigator that's waiting for her marriage in January to get baptised, and we have another investigator who had a dream that she got baptised in July, and now she thinks that she's meant to get baptised then. There's potential, despite the lack of investigators, it's just a matter of getting them to commit sooner. 

That's about it for this week, not much happened. We'll see how this next week will turn out. Ua here au ia outou! Faaitoito! 

Orometua Lewis

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