Monday, October 17, 2016

L'Evangile Est Puissant (Power te Evanelia)

Iaorana tous le monde! This week was a little bit of an adventure. Again, we've mostly been focusing on our few faithful investigators. They're all prgressing, so that's good. I think there are a lot of potentials here.

On wednesday we visited some new converts. While we were visiting, their neighbor came by, sat down, and next thing we know we started a lesson. It turns out that recently she got really interested in our message, and when she saw us walking by, she took her chance and came to us. Super cool. She said that she was ready to get baptised, she just needed to get her husband to accept, and she said that he was already getting interested too. So we've been teaching her almost everyday. She shares spiritual experiences, like a sudden thought to help somebody, and that help was just what that person needed, or the strong spirit she felt when she prayed to know if our message is true. Right now, it's just a matter of teaching. Also, each evening she goes back to the new converts and they reexplain everything we taught and answer all her questions so she doesn't miss anthing.

So we still haven't seen Turumai or Maude this week until yesterday, so it's not looking good for the baptisms this saturday. They still want it, but it will just be pushed back.

Sam's baptism was great. It was him and another person that got baptised, someone the other elders taught. It was a great spiritual experience for everyone. Then after church on sunday bishop talked with Ailani*, his mom to give her a calling and help her to come back to church. Turns out she's not in the records, although her husband is, contrary to what we all thought before. She's ready though, nothing holding her back from being rebaptised.

That night, we visited the family. They all loved the feeling of being at church and seeing Sam get baptised. He was quite the example! Honestly, before I wondered if this little nine year old kid would just become inactive in a few months and this might be wasted effort, but that is definitely not true. That family is coming into the truth, and they will stay strong.

That was a good way to end Tautira, yes, I'm leaving. I didn't think two months here was very long, but I guess I'm needed elsewhere. Transfers have already happened, and right now I'm in Papehue at Paea. Yup, back to my first zone. My new companion is Elder Eperania, a Tahitian. On to  new adventure! I quickly said goodbye to everyone on sunday, and went on my way.

Anyway, That's the news for this week. The church is true, and it will bring anyone happiness in there lives. That's sure! I felt like a didn't do a whole lot in Tautira in those few months, but looking back, I can see that I at least helped a lot of people in little aspects of their lives. It's such a blessing to be a part of the Lord's work. Love you all!

Elder Lewis

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