Monday, February 20, 2017

Hastening the Work

Wow, the work is hastening here in Faaa. Our biggest problem right now is trying to schedule all the lessons . We're always running late. That's  what you get when you're in a biking secteur with some of the biggest mountains in Tahiti to go up and down multiple times each day. We weighed ourselves, and unless these scales that I've been using aren't accurate, I've lost about fifteen pounds since coming here to Tavararo. Que de bonheur, que de bénédictions!

We taught Sebastien* and Paea* and later that day we came back to teach the sister of Paea, first lesson, so at this point they've got to have the first lesson memorized. It's still haere maru haere papu with them, we're going to try to engage for baptism again this week.

Also this week we were riding our bikes down the mountain and I caught a glimpse of someone that I thought was Aimee from Takaroa. It was! That was pretty cool. She asked us If we could come by for a lesson before she would leave for Takaroa a few days later, so we passed by the next day and did a little visit. It's cool to see the progression a half year later.

Tuesday was valentines day, which we had forgot entirely until this papi came by to pick us up for our faatamaaraa and reminded us, taking us out to a "special" roulotte to celebrate for some steak-frites. That is my favorite papi! haha

We got a reference for this woman named Helene*  who we thought was in our secteur and we fixed a lesson with her and then found out she's not in our secteur. So we went to that lesson and tried to hand her off to the other elders. She said she didn't want any other elders because we were handsome. Uhhhh... So I'm not sure how we're going to do that. But the lesson was really good and she agreed to pray to know if the LdM is true. The only problem was her friend that assisted the lesson who had already talked with missionaries and knew the doctrine. She just kept asking questions about things like baptisms for the dead and the sabbath day and if we can see God. So we tried just focusing on Helene. It was a little hard, but it ended well because she felt the spirit. We also gave a blessing to her baby named (after a book of Mormon Prophet) and explained to her where that name comes from. It was a really cool experience.

One really fun part of this week was when we got a reference for the friend of the son of the Pres. of young men in a different ward that happened to be in our secteur. So we passed by, and eventually found this nine year old kid. So we started teaching him a little about Jesus and how to pray, and some friends came over to listen. Eventually there were seven of them. So far we've taught them everyday and they are super into the lessons. Now they're trying to convince all of their families to talk to us. That was all them on their own!

On Saturday we planned a trip to the temple where we would teach our amis the Plan of Salvation. At the start no one really showed up, but by the end we had a pretty good group of about eight amis. It went pretty well, despite a few miscommunications. Then some of them came to the chapelle yesterday. Actually, recently, we've been struggling to get inverstigators to come to the chapelle. Usually none show up. But this week six showed up! Also, none of the amis that came Saturday or Sunday are amis that we currently teach. We're going to start teaching all of them ASAP.

So many blessings this week! Those were just some of the highlights, but there was so much more that happened. The Lord is really pushing His work.

That's it for this week. Bonne Semaine!

Elder Lewis

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