Monday, February 27, 2017

Je Tiens Le Salut des Ames

Iaorana Tatou! 

This week wasn't the best week in Faaa but we had some cool experiences anyway. 

We had gotten a reference a while back (if you can call it a reference) for a guy named Jules*. That was basically it, a name. Since then we have tried without success to find him. Then, one morning we were going to visit an ami and we started talking to two men that were nearby. Then one of them told us his name, and what do you know, it was him! He told us that he had never been baptised, that he wants to turn his life around and get baptised. Well, that was cool. The only problem is that he's always out fishing and a little hard to get hold of, so we're working on that.

We had a conference with Bishop Caussé this week. Super cool. He talked a lot about the Atonement and how it is the center of everything. He encouraged us to find our purpose out here, to use the Atonement each day, and to eat continually from the tree of life. He also mentioned that our goals need to coincide with the Lord's goals. Sometimes we want to do things our way, but that's not what the Lord wants for us. Here's my favorite quote:

"Je tiens le salut des âmes dans mes mains." (I hold the salvation of souls in my hands)

That's why I'm here. It's pretty important. I'm glad that I have the priveledge of offering salvation to the people of Polynesie Française. 

On friday night we got transfer calls. Wow, those came fast. This transfer really flew by. Elder Fawson is going. In fact, he's already gone. He left yesterday. The transfers were a little weird with all the planes and stuff. My new companion is Elder Fareata, but he won't be coming any time soon because his plane doesn't leave the marquises for two weeks. It'll be fun trying to solve that problem. 

Saturday night a shocking event happened. I won't go into details, but it just shows that the Plan of Salvation is real. We really come from God, and he gave us free agency. What we choose to do here has an impact on our future. We really do have the chance to get Eternal Life. It's the Plan of Happiness, and I'm so grateful for this plan in my life.

Just one last thing: President Monson said that our choice will determine our destiny. Let's all make the choices to have a good destiny, a good future. It's simple. Each choice has an impact on our lives. Choisissons le bien.

Elder Lewis

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