Monday, March 13, 2017

Adventures With Elder Lewis (part two)

This week was a little less crazy than last week, what a blessing!

Last monday we had a soirée familiale at our DMP's house. He invited his nonmember family and several people from the quartier, so there were about twenty amis there. It was really good, and it touched the hearts of a few of our amis. It was about Jesus being le chemin, la vérité et la vie. Let me just take a minute and testify of the reality of Jesus Christ's Atonement. It is real. Jesus suffered so much, and he did it because he loves us. There is no other name by which we can be saved. He really is the intermediator for us. I'm so grateful for His sacrifice for each one of us.

Right before or lesson with Guy, Paea, and La'ei, Guy called us and cancelled because they're going on a family reunion in Tautira for the week. He said that he would call us when he gets back. Uh-oh. Well, they missed out on a lot of stuff they had to do, and it looks like they won't be making their objective. They still haven't called back, I'm hoping they'll be back by tomorrow.

Also, it's been hard to contact Jules. It's not looking good for his date either. Satan's trying really hard to fight against us right now. But we're not going to give in, we're going to keep fighting him until he loses.
Also this week, bishop has been working on a couple for years and years. She is a member and he is catholique. They've decided to follow our missionary lessons and they are getting married the 12 of April. Exciting! I love seeing people make these choices that will bring them closer to each other and, overall, God. If only everyone had the desire to keep all of God's commandments.

Oh, here's a cool little story. Back right before Elder Fawson left, we found this guy who asked us for the lessons. His name is David*. He asked a lot of questions, he had us ask him a lot of questions, and it was really good. We found him again this week and mentioned that we had taught Paul (back from one of my first few weeks here in Tavararo). Our next lesson he brought Paul along and we taught them together. It's going good now, they're both progressing. They also made us uru puaatoro, one of my favorite tahitian foods. Amazing. So many blessings! haha

We taught Hemuera and Sefina again and got Sefina to pray for the first time. At the end, Hemuera had tears in his eyes and said " I was waiting for only that." Apparently he had been trying to get his copine to pray, but she never would. They are definiltely progressing. And they came to the chapelle for the first time this sunday. So cool!

One last experience for the week:

We've been in a certain quartier a lot this week, trying to find old references and other people. One day we were talking to someone and this nine year old kid on a bike came up to us and just kind of smiled, he didn't say anything. So we talked a bit, and the next day we were there again, and he found us again, and we talked. So I asked if we could come talk to his family, and he led us to his house and got his dad to come out. At first he seemed a little angry, like he didn't want to talk to us, but suddenly opened up and we talked for a long time. At one point he picked up the Plan of Salvation brochure that we had given him and said "We need this in our family again". I don't know how all of that happened, but I'm grateful to the Lord for helping us find and teach this little family.

Okay, that's it for this week. Bonne semaine!

Elder Lewis

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