Monday, March 6, 2017

Adventures With Elder Lewis

Wow, the transfers are crazy. They're messing things up a bit. Elder Fawson left last sunday after church and I was left in a trio for the rest of the day with some other elders. We had mexican food for dinner with them, so good! It's been way too long that I haven't had mexican food. Anyway, On tuesday we had three elders come stay with us waiting for their planes, so they went with me that day. That's the problem with living right next to the airport. The thing is, we could do splits and go off two by two, but I was the only one to know that secteur, so we were basically a group of four elders walking around everywhere (we had no bikes either). We taught Sebastien, Paea, and La'ei*. It was a really good lesson and we fixed a goal for their baptism. They still have a lot to do before they get there, but we're hoping it will all work out.

On Tuesday the other three elders left and Elder Frazer came from Bora waiting for his plane for Makemo so he was my companion for the rest of the week. That was really cool. We got hold of Jules and had a really good lesson on the example of Jesus Christ and at the end he was in tears and we were able to fix a date for the 25th. He's almost ready.

We sarted the lessons with the brother of some recent converts and his copine-Hamuera* and Sefina*. Hamuera had already followed the lessons a little, but Sefina didn't want him to take them anymore so he stopped. Now she is interested, and they both take the lessons together. We just answered all the questions that they had. We talked about a lot of things, but especially the temple and the gospel of Jesus Christ. Hamuera says he knows the church is true, but doesn't want to engage himself just yet. They are really spiritual, actually, and I think that pretty soon they will be ready. We had a faatamaaraa with the family afterwards so we stayed there from about four until nine. Wow!

Elder Frazer left for Makemo Sunday morning so now I'm with Elder Madsen for a week who just came from Takaroa. Fun stuff!

It's been a really good week, we've seen lots of blessings. It's been a little hard with the transfers, but we're hastening the work, and that's all that matters.

Elder Lewis

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