Monday, May 22, 2017

"Perseverance Really Pays Off"

Iaorana tataou!

E mea maitai rii teie hepetoma no te mea aita e hoa na te ekaresia e rave rahi. Te vai ra te mau hoa tei hinaaro ia bapetizohia, tera ra, E mea ohie ore ia imi i te mau ta'ata no te haapii ia ratou. We have a challenge for the mission where we have to find fifteen new investigators per √©quipe for the month of may. Were finding them all right, not too hard, but keeping them is hard. I don't know what the curse is lately, but the investigators that we find dissappear a week later. There are super potential ones too. 

Actually, there is an investigator that we gave up on, we would fix a lesson and she wouldn't show up. Then we would pass by one or two times a day for the next week trying to refix a lesson, then finally we see her, set up a lesson, and she doesn't show up. So we let her go, but then one day this week we had nothing to do and we were down the street so we stopped by. And what do you know, she was there! So we did the lesson on the restauration and a friend who was there ended up joining in, so we taught them both. And this new person showed more interest than our investigator. So they invited us back, and accepted to pray to know if our message is true. I just hope there will be a next time, haha. So I guess perseverance really pays off. Never give up on a good cause because it will always be worth it. 

Also, we did our weekly lessons with Paul and David, our two investigators that could be really potential. This time the brother of Paul, Fetu* showed up. He surprised us by basically telling us about all of our missionary lessons in detail and then going into other topics like patriarchal blessings. He really wanted to get a patriarchal blessing and the priesthood, but knew he needed to be worthy first. So we encouraged him and told him what he needed to do to get those things. He knew all this stuff thanks to a member friend who talks often about the Church. Now THAT'S a missionary! We'll see how the second lesson goes. Hopefully he will be able to bring Paul and David along with him. Normally he should've come to church, too, but we had a surprise conference for the Pacific that cancelled our normal chapelle. 

We did the baptismal interviews for Sefina and Hamuera. They're good to go! Hamuera prophesied that I would stay here just long enough to baptise him and then I would go. Normally, there was no doubt that I would go, but he was sure. We got the calls on friday (or rather didn't) so I'm staying here. The thing is, the next transfer is in three weeks. Things are a little weird because the next mission president is coming in, so we have a small transfer and then a long one. So I'll really stay here just long enough to be there for the baptism and then I'll go. I don't know how Hamuera does that. At the conference too, there was a moment where he leaned over and whispered "now she's about to talk about tithing" and then not three seconds later she started talking about tithing. What?! haha.

Anyway, voila some fun stories of the week. I'm super excited to stay here a little longer and I hope I'll be able to do a few more miracles before I leave. The work's still going a little slow, but that's okay, because I'm seeing the blessings constantly.

Okay, bonne semaine!

Elder Lewis

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