Monday, June 5, 2017

Marriage, Baptism, Temple...A Good Week

This was a good week. It didn't go quite like expected, but it was good.

We had a really good lesson wwith Paul and David. We had originally planned on talking about the Law of Chastity, but it did a complete turn and turned out much better. David told us about a catholic pasteur that came to his house the night before and did a presentation for a group of about twenty people. He told us about how the pasteur read a verse- there's one faith, one Lord, one baptism. So we talked about that a little bit and asked him if he had found the true faith yet. He told us that he hadn't found it yet and was still searching. He talked about some doubts he had and then all of a sudden it started changing. He suddenly said that he knew that this church is true and that he was willing and ready to get baptised, he was ready to give up alcohol, and that the only worry he had was that his family might not accept. Woah! I don't know what happened, but I know the Lord was working with him, and I know that he recieved a testimony. We engaged him for the first of july, and little did we know that that is the birthday of his father who recently passed away. And it wasn't even the date we had planned on giving him. The Lord works in mysterious ways. 

So he said he would pray to know if that was the right date for him. Then we turned to Paul who wasn't paying a whole lot of attention because we were focused on David and we asked him if he would be baptised the same date. He said that he would if he had more faith, which we can totally work with. Things are going well with those two. Now we'll start working more with Fetu, the brother of Jacky.

We're also working with Rarahu*, the Neice of Hamuera. There's basically nothing holding her back, and I hope that seeing her uncle get baptised gave her more of a desire to get baptised. We also started lessons with her eight year old brother who's a little crazy and doesn't listen much, but maybe he'll want the gospel more when he's older. 

Saturday was the mariage and the baptism. It all went well at first. Then, right before the baptism, there was a tiny problem: Hehu*, who was supposed to baptise her, didn't bring white clothes. And the first solution that everyone gave was to push back the baptism of Sefina for next week. They all seemed to think that that was the best solution, and elder Malca and I were just thinking, What!? Why? But then another bigger problem came up and she wasn't able to be baptised. 

It all went well for Hamuera and that's an experience that I'll never forget. And I saw how mch faith Sefina has because she didn't wait for things to fall in place, but she immediately set up plans for when she would be able to be baptised. Also, Hamuera has been given th Aaronic Priesthood so now he can baptise his wife!! So cool! That will be another special moment.

We started our missionary concert yesterday. We've been practicing every pday for rseveral hours for the past transfer. It doesn't leave a lot of time to do other stuff on pday, but it's cool. We did our first concert at the stake of Taravao, so I was able to see some old members and amis from Tautira. We did one last repetition right before the concert and it was... terrible, actually. We didn't really know our parts. But then when we performed everything worked out really well and everyone could feel the spirit. We didn't sing perfectly (hopefully it will be better next week) but the spirit did the rest. also, because Taravao is on the complete opposite side of the island, we did the tour de l’├«le (I don't remember how to say that in english). Next week the concert is here in Faaa. 

One last fun event of the week: We were able to go to the temple this week. That's always a fun experience. We don't get to go that often so it's always an experience to look forward to. What a blessing to have a temple so close!

Okay, that's the fun adventures for this week. Nana!

Elder Lewis

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