Monday, June 5, 2017

Blessings Pouring Down

This was a really good week. On tuesday we did a split and had some good lessons. We taught the best lesson I ever taught on the Law of Chastity. Yeah, that sounds a little weird. But it's true. The spirit was strong and our ami accepted it.  We also managed to teach an investigator that we don't see very often and we did a lesson with her. We talked about the LdM and she accepted to read it. Then we saw her again and talked more about the importance of knowing it was true and finding the true church and she said that if she hadn't been baptised protestant she would've been baptised mormon. You know what? We can work with that. There are a lot of people that say things like that and once they start to feel the spirit things change completely. We also did a fun lesson with Oliana where we taught her the ten commandments in twenty minutes and she remembered them all perfectly. She's definitely ready for her baptism this saturday.

We were able to restart the lessons with La'akia again! Ever since Elder Fareata left we haven't done the lessons because her copain didn't want her to. This week we were able to talk with him and he accepted. And he assisted the lesson! It was good, the spirit was there, and we're coming back. La'akia also came to our concert yesterday with one of her kids. Also, we started lessons with the brother of La'akia who almost got baptised a few years ago, but didn't. We'll see how those lessons go.

On thursday we had the baptism of Sefina. It was really cool to see her new husband baptise her. That's not something you see a whole lot. And as with all good things that happen, Satan tries hard to prevent them form happening. Right before we're about to make a good choice, Satan tempts us and he gives us trials so that we'll go backwards instead of forewards. There was no exception here. There were definitely trials but Sefina and Hamuera are strong and they became stronger from these experiences. 

We finally fixed the baptism of Jacqueline. It's not anytime soon, but she chose, and I guess what matters most is that she'll be making a holy alliance with Heavenly Father. She'll get baptised the 19 August. She's still going strong, her testimony is only getting bigger.

Yesterday we had our missionary concert and it went super well. Our DMP brought seven investigators with him, and we had a total of at least twelve show up, including David. He still wants to be baptised but we haven't been able to get him to come to church. Well, the concert changed everything. At the end there were lots of positive results. David promissed us that he would come to church again next week with this member that we had pick him up. He really felt the spirit and loved the songs. That was really cool to see. He also wants to get his family to follow him. It reminds me of the Tree of Life that Lehi saw in his vision. Once he ate of the fruit, the first thing that came to his mind was that he had to bring his family over to eat of the fruit. I think that David will be a big example for his family. Also that evening Noelani* was ecstatic. We heard from DMP that she wants to get baptised before she leaves for Raiatea soon. When she saw the baptism of Sefina she was really touched and the concert helped even more. We weren't able to talk to the other investigators but I'm sure they all felt the spirit and have a stronger desire to follow the living Christ. I guess in the end that concert was a big success. 

Well, that's the news for this week. Lot's of success, lots of blessings, lots of help from God. It's sad that I'll be leaving this secteur soon, I've seen so many people change and I would love to see that continue. We find out this friday what the transfers are, so by next week I might not even be in Faaa anymore. Have a good week!

Elder Lewis



That's Elder Fawson

This was the weekend where it rained super hard and the chapelle was cancelled.

Enu was supposed to announce his baptism, but chapelle was cancelled so we just talked to him for a while

That's some missionaries after we went out to clear mud

More Faaa. For it being the ugliest place on Tahiti I don't know why I took so many pictures of it.

We had a member from another ward give us a ton of food. We did a service project and made dinner for a family. Super fun

The baptism of Enu

It was the président de Pieu, Président Pédron that baptised him

Eating Maa Tahiti with members

Fafaru mmmmm

Taro, Fe'i, manioc

Uru Pua'atoro with Enu ma

I saw Aimee again!

Soirée Familiale with Maipe and Patrice

Plan of Salvation lesson at the Temple

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