Monday, June 12, 2017

The Faithful Member

Well, this week was officially the best week of my mission. So many cool experiences.

We started the lessons with a family who is super cool. Actually, the mom and the daughter have come to church several times but we thought that they were members. But we have our faithful member who talked to them and set up lessons. The dad was there too. The most powerful moment was when we asked  him if he believed in God, and he said that he used to. We asked him why and he talked about his first wife and child dying. We just bore simple testimony that because of Jesus Christ, he and his family could be saved, and he could see them again. That simple testimony helped him to get one for himself. It was a really good lesson and we set up a second lesson. At the beginning of the second lesson they told us that they had a surprise. Sweet! It was that they were getting married in August. Good news already, but our faithful member made it even better by changing the marriage date to the fifteenth of July. At the end of the lesson we fixed their baptisms for that date, and their daughter for the 24 of Juin. It's really cool because Afa*, the dad, has never set foot in a chapelle before, and doesn't really know God that much, but I've seen in this week how much his testimony has grown. And he came to church! What a golden family.

Our faithful member is currently talking to two other couples, and they're starting the lessons this week. Everyone should be like our Faithful member!

We fixed the baptism of Paul. It's for the 8 Juillet. It's so cool to hear his testimony. I don't know if I said it last week, but every lesson he testifies of the truthfulness of this church. And he came to church for the first time this sunday. We showed him around the church afterward as he waited for the faithful member to bring him home, and he was pretty excited for his baptism when we showed him the font. He's not sure he'll fit in the font, but I think it'll work out.

We also had a good discussion with Noelani and fixed a date for the 24 june before she leaves for Raiatea. She wants it so bad, and there's just one thing that blocks her, but I think it will all work out in the end. I'm glad to know that our concert last week had such a big impact on everyone. Oh yeah, our total of investigators that came is now at least twenty!

On saturday we had the baptism of Oliana. It's always a good experience to be a part of this imprtant covenant being made. She's young, but she has a strong testimony.

Now the news that I wasn't super happy with: Transfers. Yep, I'm leaving. I guess the Lord needs me somewhere else. I really would have wanted to stay and continue working with these investigatots. I've gotten so close to them and I feel like I still have stuff I can do to help them, but I'm going. I'm going to the stake of Papeari, the ward of Mataiea. It's one of the prettier parts of Tahiti, although I don't know if the mssionary work is so hot there. We'll see. My new compagnon is Elder Rice form Australia.

Well, the Lord just won't stop blessing me here in Polynésie Française. I'm so grateful that He is ALWAYS looking out for me and helping we reach out to this people. I'll just leave you with my testimony that Jesus Christ is our Savior and that he WILL save us if we are willing. He's the only path that leads  to the Kingdom of God. I'm so grateful for Him.

Okay, bonne semaine!

Elder Lewis

(The following photos were taken from various facebook sources.)

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