Monday, January 23, 2017


Quite the week! Faaa is way different than any other secteur I've served in. Lot's of people, lots of mountains, and so far lots and lots of rain. People are also more open and willing to talk, so that's great for missionary work. 

Last monday was ridiculous. The transfers were so big that we didn't finish them until tuesday, so we spent most of the pday doing a tour de l'île. On tuesday we started the missionary work and got in almost as many lessons as we would in a week in my last secteur, so that was just awesome. 

Because of the rain we didn't have a whole lot of success but we did manage to find a couple of new amis. We contacted these two women, one who is an inactive member and the other who is catholique and has three daughters. The conversation turned into a really good lesson and they invited us back for some maa tahiti and another lesson. There's definitely potential with them. 

On Sunday church was cancelled because of the rain. Instead everyone got into normal clothes and did service projects. For us, there is a store at the bottom of a mountain and all the rain coming down the mountain caused mud to pile up around the store, probably about eight inches high. And that wasn't the worst of Tahiti. Apparently there are people riding canoes to get around papeete because it got super flooded. In the evening we were able to get together with some other missionaries and hold a little sacrament meeting.

Actually, one of our investigators, Enu*, came to church to announce to everyone his baptismal date. He wanted to get baptised this saturday, but because church was cancelled he wasn't able to announce. So now the date is the eleventh of February. Cool! This is a guy that has followed the missionary lessons for several years, and he's finally ready.

We ate octopus at a faatamaaraa this week. First time eating it. I can now add that to the list of strange foods I've eaten here. It wasn't bad. Now I need to try dog. Hopefully there are some people here who know how to make that. 

One of my favorite parts of this secteur is the members. Everyone here is so concentrated on missionary work. The goal for this year is forty baptisms for the ward. And that's after it got split twice in the last year. I didn't know what to do because I'm not used to members helping as much as they do. I have a good feeling about this transfer. 

Love you all! Have a good week! the Lord lives! 

Elder Lewis

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