Monday, January 2, 2017

Maitai te Noela e ia Oaoa Teie Matahiti Matamua

Iaorana everyone!

Nothing super interesting has happened the past few weeks. Normally the works slows down around the holidays, but for us it's been pretty much the same. I hope that's a good thing, but maybe it's just because we don't have that many Amis.

We should have had a baptism on the 24th but like I said before it fell through. But now we've been teaching Kahoku with increased frequency and he's ready, we just need to remix the baptism. It's a little hard because his mom descended for the vacations and, well, I'll tell you a little about her. She's Adventist but has been around lots of religions, and has basically just taken some doctrines out of different churches. For example, she believes that we shouldn't celebrate Christmas or the new year, but we can celebrate birthdays, or she believes that no one can see God except for Jesus, or that you can't get baptized in a church building, or that like the divinity has three members the devil has two "councelers"-the pope and the president of the US. So now Kahoku is convinced he'll get baptized in a river. That's another thing- there aren't really any rivers in Tahiti. Sooo, hopefully things will work out despite the influence of his mom.

At the end of one of our lessons with Kahoku his beau frere was there and we started talking. He has lots of questions about religion too, and our message can answer all of them. He's Catholique but doesn't believe it's true, and has searched other religions as well and hasn't been satisfied. Our church is the only one he hasn't looked into. I'm thinking another golden ami, but we'll see. Little experiences like that are always cool and motivating. 

For Christmas we had church combined with three other wards. It was packed and hot, but the messages were all really good. After that we skyped, and later had a Christmas/birthday party with some members. Super fun.

For New Years we didn't have much planned. The rule was still be back at the house by nine. We ate with some members which wasn't too exciting, so we left at around eight thirty and ride our bikes around for a bit. At basically each house there were people outside blasting there Tahitian music and getting drunk. We rode our bikes until until we made it to the family that we ate with for Christmas. We talked with them for a little bit and right as we were about to go home we got a text from the assistants saying we could stay out until 10:30. Yeah! If it weren't for that, the new year wouldn't have been to exciting. So we ate with the family, played some games like werewolf and chubby bunny and at ten thirty we went home and slept. Then at midnight we woke up, watched some fireworks, and went back to bed.
Well, that's about it for the week. Now that the fêtes are finished, the work should pull along a little more smoothly. Despite the slow work, we still have a few potentials and I'm hoping we'll be able to help them even more. I hope I'll be able to witness them make covenants with Père Céleste. For now it's just rely on Him, listen to His spirit, faaitoito and keep working. I have confidence that e Lord will bless us. 

Elder Lewis

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