Monday, January 30, 2017

"Four hours of soirée familiale (family home evening)! Now that's a challenge for you all."

We've been focusing on teaching inactifs this week, mostly the family AINA. It's a mother, father, two kids, and the father's brother and sister, all of which are inactif. We had been encouraging them several times a week to come back to church but they weren't ready. Finally we invited them to just read a verse a day as a family. They accepted.

A few days later we came back for a soirée on tuesday and they had completely changed. They had taken our engagement even further and read a chapter each morning and each night as a family. They had seen the difference immediately and gained testimonies of the power of the LdM. It was so cool. The night before they had soirée familiale and ended up going until 11:00 at night just talking about spiritual stuff. Four hours of soirée familiale! Now that's a challenge for you all haha. And then we invited them to come to church and they accepted. And they came and had a good time. Even the brother came who is a raerae. That just shows the power of the Gospel in our lives. It brings a joy that we can't find anywhere else.

This week we did a sondage with some members and some missionaries. We split the secteur into four parts and did one of them this week. In the end we found eighteen people who accepted the lessons. Wow. Hopefeully that will get the work moving a little more. 

So we had a baptism on Saturday. The stake president talked with Enu and got him to keep his date that he had chosen- the 28th. So we got everything together, did an interview, and a few days later he was baptised. I can tell that he's going to stay strong in the church. He was definitely ready.

So those were the little miracles of the week. Not much else happened, but next week will be even better. Bonne semaine!

Elder Lewis

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